Knoxville Observers

The Knoxville Observer’s web site was buid to inform about astronomy news, events, meetings and star parties. Hopefully you enjoy the web site and find it very informative and useful.

The Knoxville Observers group was a hobby astronomy group located in Knoxville Tennessee. They were dedicated to fostering the love and enjoyment of the night sky to its members. They also spread astronomy education to the public with various events and are different then a society in many ways. The knoxville observers were a hobby group and therefore you do it in your free time for fun. Because of that the knoxville observers group is much less formal then astronomy societies. They were about sharing the fun of astronomy and helping beginners develop their joy of the night sky.

There were also special features such as beginner’s help which contains how to articles to help people learn the wonders of amateur astronomy. The website has had many how to articles, star hops and finder charts for many deep sky objects. The Monthly Sky section has had information on which planets are visible, occultations, comets and many other special celestial events.